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Appraising Papers
We could reinvent the wheel here or just be eternally grateful that there is a wealth of free on line material already available. Many thanks in particular to Simon Carley and the team at St.Emlyn's and BestBETs for producing some fantastic resources to help us all to critically appraise the literature. There are also some other superb resources which are linked below.

At TBL, we have adopted a PICO style for appraising our papers. The emphasis on our work is that we provide a summary, critique and end with the key point ('The Bottom Line'). We have included full papers (if available free on line) and/or abstracts. We have also linked any editorials or blog postings. As well as providing a summary and review of the landmark papers, we want to generate and host discussion on our website. Please contribute. We are already finding that this format is allowing us to readily discuss papers with key authors of papers and allowing the researcher and clinicians to be even more involved.
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Downloadable checklists

Series of Podcasts from Simon Carley
  • Critical Appraisal for the FCEM exam
  • Statistics 1 & 2
  • Study Design: Diagnostic tests
  • Sample Size: The basics
An introduction to sample size calculations - St.Emlyn’s

And here are some more resources:
How to Read a Paper - series of BMJ articles

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) critical appraisal

Critical appraisal of a Journal article - University College London

Critical appraisal of the Medicine Literature - SIGN (includes feee online tutorials)
Dance of the p values
Geoff Cumming
School of Psychological Science, La Trobe University
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