Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS)

Each annual assessment is carried out through a meeting between the trainee and a small specialty-based panel. It will provide an opportunity for you to provide comments on your training to date, as well as reviewing your progress/competences and identifying specific training needs.

The process is not an assessment of you but an assessment of the submitted evidence that is presented by you. Trainees are given at least six weeks' notice to provide the necessary documentation for the review.

You will not be 'chased' to provide this documentation by the required date and should be aware that failure to do so can result in an unsatisfactory outcome being awarded. Some more information about the ARCP process can be found

All the information that you require for your ARCP can be found on the deanery website. Please, please, please go to the deanery link for all of the information you need. The direct link is here

Below are some reminders of what you need but this is not a substitute for reviewing the link above. If you have any queries, please discuss with your clinical or educational supervisor well before your ARCP

Some reminders…don’t forget
1. *Form R (Word) to be submitted (by post or email) to the Deanery one week before your ARCP
2. * Reflection of work outside of training form (Word) (if applicable)

*forms can be found

Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report (ESSR)
4. Multisource feedback (NB takes approximately six weeks to complete)
5. Unit of training sign-off forms
6. Logbook showing this year’s cases and total cases
7. Summary logbook
8. Curriculum vitae
9.Evidence of your completed and marked Expanded case summaries
10. Exam – evidence of success for any parts of the exams

10. Summary of Personal Details
11. GMC registration
12. Medical indemnity
13. Health / probity declarations

Guidance for your
portfolio is here

After your ARCP, please do not forget to leave any feedback



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