Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS)

The logbook for ICM was originally produced as an excel document by FICM. It is no longer available to download on their website whilst there are ongoing plans for a new version to be produced. It is anticipated that this logbook will eventually be incorporated into the e-portfolio. Presently, we need to work with the few options we have and locally have opted to continue with the Excel version
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The original Excel Logbook
In addition to this logbook, we expect all trainees to produce a summary of their ICM activity. This should be available for the panel to review at your ARCP with together with the excel document as part of your record of training. The Faculty Tutors will review your logbooks throughout your attachment
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Logbook Summary
Other Logbooks available
There are other logbooks being developed which look very good. We ask you to confirm with your Faculty Tutor before using alternative logbooks. It is essential that the logbook captures all of the information that is recorded in our current recommended version
Sunderland ICCU Medical Education hosted by Dr Peter Hersey has a very good logbook that also populates a summary page
MedELogbook. This is an online Logbook which costs £ 4 - 10 pounds a year to use



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