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This formal teaching programme has been running since 2008. It has continued on a monthly half-day (1400-1730hrs) basis alternating between the 2 centres providing all levels of ICM training (Portsmouth & Southampton). The lead facilitators have overall joint responsibility for delivery of the programme. The dates, session facilitators (trainee and Consultant) and themes are set 4-6 months prior to the following calendar year, allowing adequate notice for diary noting and planning of the sessions. The themes have generally rotated over a 3 year cycle with an aim to cover the majority of the ICM curriculum in that time.

The format is regularly reviewed. The feedback from both attending Consultants and trainees has been of a consistently high standard. {The tradition of trainee facilitators providing for refreshments has also been well received!} The best sessions are usually those that provoke a healthy dialogue amongst attendees around “real life” ICM. Encouragement is given to an evidence based medicine approach to our specialty.

Summaries of the meetings are available here

The current programme is available below. The dates are also on the calendar page of this website. Previous programmes are available here

The guidance for facilitators is available below and if you have any queries about the training half days please contact either Dr Matt Williams or Dr Phil McGlone
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2016 training programme

Registrar regional training

Wessex Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) CCT trainees teaching programme

Consultant lead facilitator: Dr Matt Williams
Trainee lead facilitator: Dr Phil McGlone

Guidance for facilitators:

The trainee facilitator should take primary responsibility for the allocated session with support from the Consultant facilitator. The trainee should initiate contact at least 2 months prior to the teaching date (preferably with suggestions of topics and speakers, having reviewed the relevant sections of the ICM curriculum). This will enable external speakers and trainees to prioritise the meetings.

The timetable should be distributed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the teaching date. This will allow attendees to prepare for the session, including reading any relevant papers circulated.

A summary of the session will be circulated within two weeks of the teaching date by the trainee facilitator. This will be uploaded to the WICS website.

The content of the lectures should follow the ICM syllabus. The trainee should identify the areas of the syllabus covered and reference these in the timetable.

Suggested teaching styles that can be included:
• Review of the recent literature on a topic area
• Case presentations (ideal for case summaries)
• Journal article review
• Expert speaker
• MCQs
It may be pertinent to have part-task or medium fidelity simulation on occasion.
Ideally there should be two or more trainee speakers at each session. External speakers may lend themselves very well to a particular session. Primarily trainees should be taking an active role in presenting and teaching. This responsibility should be shared amongst the group over the course of the programme.

Ideally there should be at least one senior (ST6/7) and one more junior (ST3/4/5) ICM trainee presenting at each session.

To encourage positive responses from the trainee group, it is suggested that the trainee facilitator asking people to present should cc the consultant facilitator into the requesting email.

It is up to the trainee to ensure all the equipment required for the session is in place and working prior to the session.


The ICM Training Programme Director (supported by Specialist Training Committee) has stipulated that ICM CCT trainees must attend the formal training programme throughout their joint/single/dual training.


Any questions or suggestions should be directed to the Lead Facilitators please.

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