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What is SPARC-ICM?
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A regional ICM-focused trainee-led research and audit group (SPARC-ICM) with quarterly meetings to allow an informal forum for discussion and the transition of trainee’s ideas into worthwhile projects. The group is part of the SPARC group.

Please bring your ideas to our meetings. We aim to get you from the raw ideas stage to a polished project proposal. Submit a summary of your idea and present it to us at the meetings where we can all discuss it and establish collaboration with others to enable the project to be rolled out around the region.

We are also starting an online ideas think-tank – please contact us for more details

  • To develop ideas and promote research and good quality audits
  • To meet regularly to discuss project proposals and put them into practice
  • A team of project leaders can be selected at the meetings which could include any of the trainees working in the ICU from FY1 upwards.
  • To allow an informal forum for discussion amongst ICM-interested trainees, consultants and other health professionals to optimize projects that can then be conducted through SPARC-ICM. Initial ideas can be discussed and the people attending the meetings can contribute to help the presenter develop their study that can later be conducted once the proposal has been created.
  • To enrol as many ICUs as possible to perform the projects and to make them as high quality as possible
  • To produce a collection of well-conducted multi-centre audits, research and patient safety projects.
  • To share guidelines to make our work more consistent

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Project 1: CVC Insertion Audit

This has already been completed. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.
  • Excellent involvement of every ICU in the region.
  • 181 CVC lines were inserted during the week studied

Dr Adrian Wong led the first SPARC-ICM project. An abstract of the results has been submitted to the ESICM conference that will take place later in the year.

Thank to all of the trainees involved in making the project happen:
  • Poole and Bournemouth: Laura Wood and Alex Belcher
  • Southampton GICU: Clare Morden
  • Basingstoke: Alex Smythe
  • Winchester: Emma Norman
  • CICU: Nigel Chee
  • NITA: Sumair Hassan
  • Chichester: Laura Pocock
  • PICU: Emma Fitzgerald, Claire Germain and Sarah Wright
  • QAH: Adrian Wong and Huw Wilkins
  • Salisbury: Davina Watson
  • Dorset: Fiona Linton and Erica Jolly
  • Please download our proposal form and send us your proposals for new projects

Anyone with an interest in ICM is encouraged to attend. We would like the attendance to be as mixed as possible to get the best input to the projects.

Meeting 1: April 22nd 2014:
The Meeting Summary & Lecture is now available to download

Meeting 2: June 2014:
Please send us your proposals!!

Also come and see us at the WICS Summer Meeting: https://wessexics.com/WICS_Summer_Meetings/WICS_Summer_Symposium/

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LAST SPARC-ICM MEETING. Please click on banner below to view details
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Informed Consent in Critical Care Research from stevemathieu
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