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Author: Steve Mathieu
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In the last year, there has been a massive explosion in free open access 'meducation' (FOAM). Podcasts are one of the many resources out there which allow the listener to easily access presentations from top class experts in their field. Life in the Fast Lane has a comprehensive list of emergency medicine and critical care podcasts available here

In true BBC Radio 4 'desert island discs' fashion, I have decided to take up the challenge of declaring my favourite medical podcasts. These are the ones I just simply couldn't manage without if I were left stranded alone on a desert island. Okay, I realise I wouldn't have wi-fi, my phone is probably now waterlogged or lost in the ocean and if I had reception I would be calling home, but work with me...

dessert island copy

So in no particular order, here are my 5 desert island podcasts (click on image to access link to podcasts)


Crit-IQ is hosted by Todd Fraser. As well as interviewing some key experts (Kath Maitland discussing FEAST a recent example), he also presents a round up of the latest literature in the monthly journal club. All episodes are around 20 minutes so easy to cover for the listener


This is seriously good and covers so many aspects of critical care. Hosted by Oli Flower and has some top invited speakers and also talks from conferences. There has been some recent collaboration with Chris Nickson and Rob MacSweeney reviewing all the best guidelines, reviews and commentaries of the year. JICS podcasts are also hosted here. An absolute must for your podcast library


RAGE is the newbie of the group but with a team that includes Chris Nickson, Cliff Reid, Michelle Johnston, Haney Mallemat, Michaela Cartner and Karel Habig what more do you need to know?!


Over 100 podcasts here by Scott Weingart covering critical care, emergency medicine, trauma and resuscitation. High quality and brief (rarely more than 15-20 minutes) so can cover several episodes fully at one sitting. Option for CME credits to be awarded and saved on site for easy access for appraisal season.


Essential for your podcast library. Brought to us by the SMACC team, this includes talks from the inaugural conference and no doubt will include the imminent 2014 extravaganza. A rapidly growing collection of podcasts covering all areas of emergency and critical care. Also, includes the not to be missed 'how to be a hero' lecture from Cliff Reid!

In order to subscribe and listen to your favourite podcast, you have two options: 1) Go into iTunes every time 2) Download a podcast app (essentially a specialised RSS feeder). The second option is really the only way to go here. This allows you to properly organise your podcasts, access them easily and share them across devices. There are lots of options here but most do the same and your choice is dependent on price, stability and features. The 'Podcasts' app is free and I would recommend that you try this out initially. I currently use instacast (£2.99) and downloaded this for my iPad. The iPhone version is then free. There is a good review of the available apps out there here

So there are my 5 favourite podcasts. Having just bared my soul, it is with some trepidation that I go to press the publish blog button. I can already sense the palpable tension of getting it wrong and knowing I have already missed out some other amazing podcasts that are around....'are you stupid?!'


So what would you pick? The only rule is that they must be free! Here it goes...

sm-copy-3 Steve Mathieu is a Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK. He designed and maintains the Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS) website and is a Co-Director for the final FFICM Portsmouth INtensive Care Exam Revision (PINCER) Course