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Critical Care Canada Forum: Residents Day

Author: Dr Emma Fitzgerald
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This includes summary of the following sessions:

- Reflections from the Editors Desk (P Hebert)
- ARDS: Berlin Definition (G Rubenfield)
- ARDS: Setting Safe Limits (M Amato)
- ARDS: Hypercapnoea: Important Treatment not Complication (J Laffey)
- Beyond the ICU: Frailty (S Bagshaw)
- Beyond the ICU: Patient Outcome (M Herridge)
- Physiology Debates: Spontaneous Ventilation (L Brochard & M Amato)
- Physiology Debates: Starches (A Perner & S Magder)
- Sepsis: Why wait so long to treat sepsis? C Seymour
- Sepsis: One body size does not fit all in sepsis (K Walley)
- COPD: Steroids, bronchodilators and….ECMO? (D Brodie)
- End of Life Care: Does decision making change when ICU is Full?(T Stelfox)
- End of Life Care: Is there a role for “palliative” ventilation? (E Azoulay)
- End of Life Care: Nudging patients to make the “right” decisions (S Halpern)
- A Global view of Critical Care: Do more ICU beds lead to better outcomes? (H Wunsch

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10 things i'll take away from the Intensive Care Curriculum Blaster Day #ICSCB - Oct 2013

Author: Adrian Wong
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1. Looking after the dying patient and their family to ensure maintain dignity and comfort is IMHO a good outcome

2. Organ donation saves and improves lives - if you don't ask, you will never know.

3. How to start a quality improvement project
Start with the aim……
The solutions come last
Let solutions come from the team
If you have a good idea, the team will have it too
Then they’ll own it
If they have a bad idea, let them test it

courtesy of @E_artnotsmith

4. Research sets the standards. Audit measures if we are achieving the standards. Quality improvement lays the processes to help us achieve the standards.

5. All improvements require change but not all changes results in improvement.

6. When an SUI occurs and after making sure everything has been done to ensure patient safety, consider immediate debrief, start making your own personal notes (encrypted, of course) and contact your defence union.

7. You can make retrospective entries into medical notes (legibly) as long as they are documented as such - do not "buff up" old entries.

8. There is a national framework for reporting SUIs. (

9. If your hospital was an airplane would you fly in it?


10. Patient safety should be THE top priority of the organisation and healthcare professions but how many of us would do a Steve Bolsin (now in Oz) and raise concerns about pt care in our own organisation and against colleagues? 

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