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#FOAMed hits Wessex

Author: Steve Mathieu

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During the Wessex ICS (WICS) meeting at the end of June (#WICS2013), Phil Dickinson presented his regional survey on the use of #FOAMed for continued professional development by career Intensivists in Wessex. We are a technologically minded bunch who are passionate about training and education so fairly obvious that we all embrace social media here right?

The results of the survey were rather surprising. We had a response rate of 44% of the 144 potential local respondents. Only 10% identified what FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation!) meant and many were missing out on some fantastic on line resources .

Chart with popular web resources and use in Wessex? copy

Only 5% used twitter for educational purpose and there was a real lack of awareness of the benefit of feed aggregators, storage software to capture information and how best to share the wealth of medical information out there.

The survey confirmed what we suspected - we are well behind our Antipodean colleagues with regard to the use of social media (perhaps less so when it comes to Rugby?!). Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) and the Social media and critical care (SMACC) conference have resulted in an explosion in availability and willingness of medical professionals to share educational resources. We need to credit Scott Weingart amongst others for introducing the process of social media into everyday medical learning. His podcasts available on iTunes and emcrit.org have become an essential source of valuable education to all those working within the emergency corridor. The SMACC conference and evolution of LITFL have encouraged health care professionals across the globe to unite with sharing educational material, opinions and innovative ideas which can only benefit all of our professional development. The UK and Ireland are also producing some great resources as well with St.Emlyn’s, Rob Mac Sweeney’s critical care reviews and Andy Neill’s Emergency Medicine Ireland. There are so many more out there and LITFL kindly has them all here

So where is Wessex ICS? Well, we had our first live twitter feed during our latest meeting #WICS2013. We have a new website wessexics.com and freely accessible journal club. We are sharing guidelines across our network and making them available to other units https://wessexics.com/WICS_Guidelines/. Long way to go but we will get there and make sure we contribute to FOAMed and gratefully use all the other resources that are being shared globally. Vive La FOAM!

Dr Phil Dickinson’s poster presented at WICS 2013 is available here FOAM wessex poster