Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS)

Neurocritical Care

Summary of Wessex Neurocritical Care Forum at WICS 2014

After the meeting of the inaugural Wessex Neurocritical Care Forum at WICS 2014 Summer Symposium 6th June 2014 the following three areas were discussed and actions to be addressed:
1) Review of Level 3 transfers to WNC Neurocritical Care

This is to be undertaken by Dr Kevin Boyle (Consultant in Neurocritical Care) and he will give feedback to referring hospitals for a six month period from July 2014.
2) Development of Forum Links with each of the referring hospitals:
If interested individuals would like to be involved with developing clinical links between the WNC Neurocritical Care Unit and their  hospital please could you email Dr Roger Lightfoot, Clinical Director of Neurointensive Care

3) Development of Neurocritical Care Level 3 advice line.
Dr Lightfoot to discuss and feedback to Forum Links on how WNC Neurocritical Care can offer a direct line service for complex Level 3 patients. This will probably be between 08:00 - 22:00 in the first instance.
Any other questions please feel free to email Roger Lightfoot at the above email address.
Roger Lightfoot
Clinical Director of Neurointensive Care
Wessex Neurological Centre