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All trainees who have been appointed to the new CCT programme for Intensive Care will be on the 2014 curriculum. You should either be being the e-portfolio now or preparing to start using it at your next stage of ICM training. There is a useful summary guide to the ICM CCT portfolio and our expectations for the ARCP here

If you were appointed as a ‘dual trainee’ you will be on the earlier curriculums (2007, 2010, 2011). If you are unsure which curriculum you should be following, please speak to your faculty tutor who will advise. You are not expected to change curriculum’s once started on one (providing you selected the correct one of course!). You will not be using the e-portfolio. Please also check the
FICM website

As of August 2014, anaesthetic trainees who are rotating through ICM are expected to follow Annex F in the RCOA CCT

All other trainees will follow their own parent specialty curriculum with focus on the competencies for Intensive Care
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Download 2014 Curriculum
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Download 2011 Curriculum
(2010 & 2007)
Not for trainees appointed to solo or dual CCT programme
Download Joint Curriculum
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Anaesthetic Trainees (not joint, dual or solo ICM training) doing ICM attachment
The updated Annex F (CCT in anaesthetics Annex F, Intensive Care Medicine) has now been uploaded onto the RCoA website as of August 2014. This details the new competency requirements for anaesthetists undergoing their blocks of ICM at basic, intermediate ST3 and higher ST5 levels. They should be used for any anaesthetic trainee commencing an ICM block from August 2014. It essentially brings the competencies into line with the new ICM CCT and so should make things easier! It highlights the mandatory competencies at each level and the assessment tools that can be used for evidence; it also gives the additional competencies that can be achieved which are relevant for any trainees who plan either Dual training or wish to apply for FICM Affiliate status.

Useful documents and information for trainees and trainers

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The original Excel Logbook - please discuss the logbook requirements with your educational supervisor
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Logbook Summary. Use this to summarise your cases and procedures from the Excel Logbook
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WBPA's (unless using the FICM e-portfolio)
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FICM e-portfolio Guide
How the ICM programme works for different specialties (for dual CCT training)

The FFICM exam


ICM CCT Curriculum


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