Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS)

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WICS Meetings

Each year we have a Summer symposium where a full day academic meeting is hosted by one of the units in Wessex. Details for the Summer Meeting on 5th June 2015 can be found here.

The programme includes both local and national experts and combines highly relevant clinical presentations, audits and research. We have a dedicated section for trainees to present their work and this can be case based, audit or research activity. The Scott Prize is judged by a panel and is awarded to the best trainee presentation each year. It is a prestigious and fitting award in memory of Dr Andrew Scott.

The day is completed with the very informative and entertaining Bruce lecture.

For dates of future WICS meetings and other meetings and courses, please click calendar below.
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Scott Prize Winners

2016 Jamie Plumb ‘Transfusion threshold in critical care units in Wessex’ - SPARC-ICM project
2015 Duncan Chamber ‘DoLS - our experience so far’
2014 Ben Harris 'Postoperative intravenous fluid administration - a multicentre study'
2013 Phil Dickinson 'The impact of automatic acceptance criteria for major trauma transfer'
2012 Hugh Cutler 'Communication between General Practitioners and Intensivists in the locality of Royal Bournemouth Hospital: a Primary Care Perspective'
2011 Andrew Burton ‘Compliance with MRSA decolonisation in Critical Care’
2010 Steve Mathieu 'Development and implementation of a pathway to meet the challenge of diagnosing and monitoring ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), Portsmouth Hospital.
2009 - Richard Jee ’Surgical scrub technique in ICU’
2008 -
2007 -
2006 Richard Clinton ‘Do prompts on a daily fluid chart change practice in Critical Care’
2005 Pete Berridge 'An acute Problem' NCEPOD audit of acute medical admissions to ICU’
The Bruce lecture
In memory of Dr Rob Bruce. This presentation is delivered by one of our invited experts and is intentionally less clinically based but hugely thought provoking and stimulating. It is often the highlight of the WICS meeting and recent lectures include 'From Russia Without Love: the Litvinenko story' by Dr Geoff Bellingham, 'Space Exploration' by Dr Kevin Fong and 'Prime Suspect - tales from the trade' by Dr Basil Purdue!
Were you the winner of the Scott Prize or do you know who did for the missing years? Please let us know by clicking the contact link at the bottom of the page
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Dr Andrew Scott
Consultant in Intensive Care
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
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Dr Rob Bruce
Consultant in Intensive Care
Southampton General Hospital
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WICS constitution
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Summer Meetings - principles for partnership
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Summer Meetings
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Winter Meetings

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