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Top 10 reasons for manuscripts being rejected

Here is the first of our blog postings by Dr Adrian Wong from ESICM #LIVES2014. Key points from Prof M Antonelli (ex-editor of Intensive Care Medicine)

  1. Ignoring instructions to authors
  2. Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  3. Not checking grammar and spelling
  4. No new information or not generalisable
  5. Previously rejected by journal only to be submitted unchanged to another journal
  6. No clear hypothesis mentioned anywhere in the paper
  7. Misquoted reference or omission of key references
  8. Bad statistics
  9. Interesting question but boring paper with unsubstantiated conclusions
  10. Data duplication - self plagiarism and double submission (fraudulent)

Dr Adrian Wong - ST7 ICM & Anaesthesia, Wessex
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